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Innarch - Theater and Opera "Dr. Ibrahim Rugova"


Theater and Opera "Dr. Ibrahim Rugova"

Client Ministria e Kulturës, Rinisë dhe Sportit

Year 2006


The Theatre and Opera" Dr. Ibrahim Rugova "should be a building that represents our national values, in the meantime should be listed among the monuments of global architecture."

Concept: Kosovan hand which springs from the depths of the earth holding on its palm the Kosova's crystal.

Kosova's Crystal - the wealth which presents one of our most precious treasures, and Kosovan generosity - extended hand which always offers value as our treasure, as a proof of generosity that invites to be in peace and dignity.

Architectural structure of the building is of the language of architectural deconstructivism, composed of broken asymmetrical volumes but that in constructive aspect create a sustainable system, analogous to the structures created by nature / imitation of crystal structure.

Structural fractures on the outside of the facility provide the desired effect, while inside the hall fractures play their acoustic-functional role. The particular construction of the opera hall consists of massive double walls (acoustic) which rely on the slab. The building structure has its longitudinal and transverse , which is used for the creation of a network of pure constructive layout.
The coverage construction is provided in steel which enables the creation of fractures formed in the object.